products that i use daily.

I am very cautious about the products I use. Throughout the last 6 years I have been introduced to, and tried countless “health products” on the market. What I have learned? 95% of supplements, shakes and oils that are out there are rancid, have no research behind them, or are simply not what they say they are. These products below all have third party testing to be exactly what they say they are, have clinical primary research published in peer reviewed journals, and are clean of any contaminants (ie. mold, bacteria, radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, etc..)… and are completely plant based. Enjoy, fam!


plant powders.

Just. Food. These capsules include the essence of over 30 raw, vine-ripened fruits, vegetables & berries. They use the whole thing. Including peels, skins & seeds. They are juiced, dried, tested for contaminants, and capsulized. They are not a supplement, or a man made, fractionated vitamin. Not to take place of multi-vitamins, because they are just food. However, with these, I don’t need any multi. I take 2-4 of each daily, depending on how I am feeling. They are not to take the place of food, but they definitely help me bridge the gap between what I eat, and what I should be eating, daily. Which is about 16-18 servings of raw produce for those who are ill or those who exercise.

Not a quick fix. Four month installments, they send the product up front, and i pay $71 monthly. Kid/Pregnancy safe.

Ask me how to get a free supply for your kids with your order.


plant based omegas.

Fish oil pills are not sustainable and are toxic. I cannot stress this enough. It takes about 3-4 lbs of fish for one little pill. The PCBs, mercury, plastic, drugs, etc.. in our water are consumed by fish and where do the toxins always get stored? Fat. There is no way to remove the toxins from the fat, leaving a poisonous “fish oil” pill. That, just like most supplements on the market, is not tested, or regulated…. However, we do need our omegas. Essential fatty acids that we cannot create are vital for brain health, joints, etc. These omegas are gathered exactly how fish gather them, through algae at the oceans surface, as well as other plant seed oils. I take 2 daily.

Again, not a quick fix. Four month installments, they send the product upfront and I pay $33 monthly.

Kid/Pregnancy safe.


plant based shakes.

I can go on forever about shakes. A study came out last year that some of the most popular brands of shakes had lead in them. Let me make this clear..again: the supplement and shake industry are scary, because they have very little rules & regulations to abide by. These are NON-GMO, gluten free, have no cholesterol, artificial flavors, coloring or dyes, wheat, dairy (whey is highly processed and terrible for the kidneys) or eggs, caffeine or herbs. Just plants. What about the soy? This is a water washed soy, which preserves all of the nutrients. The plant based soy contain isoflavones which actually yield so many health benefits...Cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, helps menopause, etc.. there have been many studies saying that soy can actually impede cancer progression. One study showed women with breast cancer were associated with a decrease risk of reoccurrence and death. What about the sugar? Due to the fiber content (which actually contains pre-biotics) these shakes have the same glycemic index as a serving of broccoli. So there will be no insulin spike, these shakes are amazing for diabetics as well as anyone looking to stabilize blood sugar. And they’re delicious. I take 1 or 2 daily depending if I am doing a reset.

I pay in one shot, 60 servings for $110. Try both flavors.


tower garden.

An aeroponic, year round, growing system. Towers are like gardening for dummies. These grow 30% more produce, 3x faster, with 98% less water. An advanced form of hydroponics. These plants are grown in a mist environment, rather than soil. No weeding, watering, or cleaning & takes up 90% less space.

$525, and they send you everything you need. You pay like, $40 monthly. Worth it. If you want year-round grow lights for indoor, its an extra $250.

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CBD OIL.. for me and my pup.

I will be really honest in saying that I have definitely enjoyed the effects of marijuana…where its legal, of course. ;) But in all seriousness, the capsules & shakes on this page, along with our resets, have nearly cured my anxiety, menstrual cramps, digestion, etc… but every now and again, I feel it. CBD oil has been used to reduce pain (as far back as 2900 B.C, btw), reduce anxiety & depression, alleviate cancer symptoms, reduce acne, increase heart health, and so much more..This product is produced on Kentucky farms using Organic methods and is free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients.

The dog treats are soy free, corn free, and grain free. All pet products are all made in the USA and are free of any artificial ingredients. My baby girl (Holly Rose) is very sick and very anxious since birth (after being taken from her mom too soon, without my knowledge), leaving this to be a perfect fit for her.