my story.

Its been a wild journey for me, and if you ever want to hear more about, I would love to tell you in person. I don’t believe in having long winded stories about me here, but maybe one day I will publish it all (probably in a book.) For now, I’d love to cut to the chase.

I love to meet more fellow coaches. I’ve had my coaching cert for about 6 years. I have a unique story. Here’s the short: I am from a tiny town on the eastern tip of long island: Montauk. I went to school upstate (NY) for fashion. I hated it, and realized that I aced my nutrition course. “Let me rethink this major..,” I thought. Took a nutrition course back home, and then worked and studied under a holistic doctor / QRA practitioner for a year. I loved it. I loved learning about the human body, and all of our organs. She told me about her experience at the largest Nutrition School in the world - Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I immediately enrolled in IIN. I LOVED IT EVEN MORE. It gave me the confidence, the knowledge and the understanding that our bodies are all different, but one thing was certain through out every dietary theory I studied…plants heal.

As any 20 year old would feel, I wanted to see the world. I moved all of my belongings across the world. 6,000 miles away, to Hawaii. From there I was remotely health coaching & diving deep into myself. We learned of primary food in IIN - Primary food is not something we consume. It’s our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our emotions. They feed us as well. I took myself on a 5 week journey to Indonesia to get certified to teach yoga, I then traveled the world teaching yoga retreats, but still felt i wasn’t helping people on as large of a scale as i could. I came home to regroup. I opened a yoga studio, I started work at an office and I let go of any and all expectations. One year into this lifestyle, I needed to figure out another game plan. I was not thriving. I was getting sick, tired and yearning to build my own entrepreneurial business again. I honestly asked myself and the universe to be open to an opportunity that would give me not only purpose & passion, but financial abundance & freedom to still work & travel on my own time.

One week later…. I partnered with a company who figured out how to get quality, vine ripened fruits & veg into capsule form. After reading their research and seeing that it was just food - i got my clients and myself on board and it changed the picture of their health, and my own. I struggled with leaky gut / IBS / anxiety and was able to change my micro-biome using this because nothing has to be digested. No more stomach tranquilizers, migraines or xanax for me.

As we all know, we are what we digest not what we eat. Since then my business has blown up and I’ve been able to change thousands of lives monthly. I am now covered on full corporate health benefits through my company but definitely need help in the leader department. That’s what’s led me to be seeking out professionals who i feel may be meant for, or want, more. If you are looking to specifically become a holistic health coach, and possibly join our empire, continue reading.

(Note: you do not need to be a coach to join our empire, you just need to have passion, purpose & want something more for your life…and be wiling to do what it takes, to get there.)


institute for integrative nutrition.

IIN taught me all about holistic health coaching, healing, alternative medicine, spirituality, emotions. When I went through IIN I felt a shift in myself. I truly recommend it for anyone who is wanting more. The curriculum taught me how to create this online business for myself, and gave me the confidence I needed to begin coaching others. You begin basic coaching early, while still in the program, so that upon completion you are ready to go about creating your own practice. I was taught how to start a business from the group up. The business modules were specifically helpful in this area. And for someone who was technologically challenged, it helped in giving me the tools to create this website. Yup, I made this baby all by myself, no outsourcing or paying thousands. I had a bunch of new friends and peers, all while simultaneously doing something to better myself.

Once I finished & graduated, I was able to begin to generate an income for myself by working with clients both in person and virtually. Six years later and I am still growing a client base. Just on a much larger scale now. By partnering with my company, I am able to grow a team of people to help me share and spread the message of health and wealth. I offer zoom, e-mail and in-person consultations. Social media in particular has allowed me to connect with people from all walks of life, all around the world.


become a holistic health coach & receive a discount on your tuition.