From Sick for years to Thriving in a matter of months



From Sick for years to Thriving in a matter of months

Where does it begin?

Well, I was born and raised in a small quaint town on the eastern most tip of Long Island; Montauk. And let me tell you, Health & Fitness played a huge role in my life from a very young age. I had two older brothers, so as you can imagine, it was sports sports sports. I loved it.

But, ever since I can remember, sports were fun, but I was always SO fatigued. Being competitive, with no energy, was taking a toll. I also remember always being the sick sibling, so I think it was only natural for me at this point, to gear more towards figuring out why - from the inside - out.

As I grew, I began researching. I wound up completing numerous health programs online & college credit courses. I then moved on to become Pilates certified & Yoga certified. I found a love for these corrective exercises for my fatigued body. I found so so much relief.

Fast forward....I loved my hometown...but the cold winters in Montauk ultimately forced me away to a more tropical paradise; Hawaii. 

I spent two years island hopping all around the beautiful Hawaiian islands, the US and Indonesia before taking off and leading yoga retreats globally (April 2016) 

After my retreats in South America and Europe, I decided to make the big move back to New York after speaking with my cousin and best friend, Leo, about collaborating with him on re-opening a Wellness Studio at our family Motel in Montauk.

Currently, I am the owner and main instructor at Ideal Living Studio, located at the Daunt's Albatross Motel.

We offer Yoga, Pilates, Sculpt, Reiki, Aromatherapy, All Inclusive Yoga Retreats and affordable Private/Group lessons.

& let me tell you, I LOVE this lifestyle, but for someone who is used to always feeling fatigued..it was a little frightening that I would be completely exhausted after a days work. That is why I am so grateful for what I am about to share.



Summer 2017: (Dont worry, youll see some before / after pics of my journey below!)

I am currently engulfed in my studio, my yoga business is taking off, and I am living off of bagels, bacon, coffee and wine. A little different than the Lacey from 2014 (100% plant based vegan - we will get there)

For a yoga instructor, that didn't feel so hot. I kept telling myself it was about balance, but the more I tried to eat well, the less energy I had.

To top it off, I had just spent my first winter year-round at home again. It was great being with family and friends, but I quickly realized that the off-season in Montauk, does not make for a killer income with a yoga studio...aaand working 40 hours / week in an office, was not and will not ever be for me.

Summer was nearing an end and I knew that WINTER WAS COMING all too soon.

What was I going to do?

My diet fell to the floor, I couldn't afford to be making trips to the health food store for produce everyday. 

I didn't even have time to make the produce that I did buy, AND when I did splurge, I didn't even digest half of it. I was bloated and felt ill.

My income was going to crash, and I was afraid to have to rely on an office job again.

When you work for yourself for years, going back to having a boss (even being blessed with the best boss' ever, which I 100% was) & going back to having to be a certain place for 10 hours is TOUGH.

I guess this is where we start my story. August 2017.

I knew I needed to figure something out. I wasn't going to do another winter in office, and I wasn't going to thrive in the studio during off-season. In order to have that clientele, it will take years. 

I wanted to travel again, I wanted my freedom, but I needed an income to do so. Residual income. I've heard of it. I've never really believed in it. One of those "sounds too good to be true."

When I thought of my dream life, it has a lot to do with income, though, what profession I decided on... 👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍🌾👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🏫👩🏼‍🔧

* How much money will I make?
* What my hours will look like?
* Will I be afforded time to travel?
* Will I be able to move, and still keep this job?
* Is it financially enough to provide for me, my expenses and one day my family's expenses?
* Will I need to commute?
* Will I feel happy in my work environment?
* Will I like my employees, my boss & my company?
* Will I have the support i need to thrive?
* Will I believe in the mission I am working for?
* Will I wake up with a purpose & feel inspired everyday at my job?

The list goes on 🌊

I genuinely thought that working for myself, alone in my business, I would find all of these options and more.

I found a few - the inspiration was there... sometimes. 😔

But I was sadly mistaken when I realized working for myself meant I was my own boss, employee, housekeeper, accountant, buyer, marketer, etc... 😟

And working for someone else, toward their dreams, never felt quite right - or like I was working towards a true passion of mine.

...A few days went by of me stressing and finally I decided to let it go. I would figure it out, I always do.

This is when my friend Amy approached me with Juice Plus+. I thought, "Juice Plus+," really? What kind of name is that? I thought of apple juice lol. I don't drink juice. But Amy is fit, fun and fabulous, so that convo stuck with me and I thought, "What in the world do I have to lose by meeting up with this woman?" So I did. I let go of any and all reservations. And dear lord let me tell you, I am SO HAPPY I did.

We met and went over the business model of Juice Plus+. I asked all of the normal questions of someone who has never been in Network Marketing before: What is the product? Does it work? Is this a scam? Is this a pyramid scheme? Am I ripping people off? Am I ripping myself off? (STAY TUNED CAUSE I ANSWER THESE FAQS BELOW!)

I had so many questions. So many reservations. I had been approached by everyone in the fitness, supplement and wellness field. I won't name brands, but realistically, all of the shakes/supplements/etc companies you can think of. And I have stuck to my guns when I said no. 


Because I have looked into all of these companies personally, and either didn't believe in the product, OR didn't believe in the business model. I didn't want to promote shakes I don't believe in, starve myself by eating 1000 calories / day, or be forced to spend a minimum $$$ per month on something I am not exactly using. 

Amy answered the questions with grace & gave me even more info. I was immediately in contact with our national marketing director & direct up line, Tracey & Ellie. I decided right there and then, that I love these woman's vibe, it never felt inauthentic and I needed to give this a shot. After all, it was just fruits and vegetables...It is not even considered a supplement!


My new business:

Ok, so, I went for the business, right? I did the research and decided, this is SAFE to share and WILL change lives.

I learned about network marketing.

I got on ZOOM calls, I joined Voxer. I signed up for conferences. I put as much work as I could into this -- and THAT my friends, is how I succeeded so fast. 

Let me put this out there - you won't succeed at anything if you don't put in the work.

If you want to succeed as fast as I did, you need to get on the calls, on the group threats, and to a conference.

You need to get inspired.

But guess what? I did all of this -- ON MY OWN TIME!

With daily love and support from my team. How incredible is that? 

Amy, Tracey and Ellie were AMAZING and got on a call with me anytime I had a prospect interested in being a rep, or even someone interested in learning more on the product. It was insanely incredible support. It was like I didn't even have to do anything after that point..lol It STILL is!

Fast forward and I ran my first Shred10. With flying colors! I had 13 shredders with me all changing the picture of their health. We eliminated the bad, and flooded our body with the good.

I didn't even realize at the time, but I got bonus, after bonus, after check, after check.

The real reward for me was the success of my group. How hard we worked for 10 days. How I knew that their health was rapidly improving, and how I knew I was changing the world, little by little.

I love this. The cycle continued. 

More reps came on to share their love for the product, and more clients (especially mommas) signed on to change their families health!

What a business. I am making money, doing what I love.

From anywhere I want.

No bosses.

No 40+ hours a week in a cubicle.

No working for someone else's dream.

I am waking up everyday with a friggen purpose.

I am on a mission!

I was working at the beach, I was making my own schedule, I was spending time with my pup.

Guess what, I STILL am, and I love it, and I wouldn't change it FOR THE WORLD.

PS. This isn't to bash previous jobs - I've actually been afforded some of the best jobs & employers out there.

But for me, it wasn't until I joined a company who offers "work from home," who's mission is the same as mine, who allows me to work for myself - no boss, just like minded team members locking arms, that afforded me the finances, the inspiration & the true flexibility that I need, that I realized, THIS is my dream job. 😍

I still work for myself, but I work alongside like minded individuals who reach out to me in a daily basis offering nothing but support, love and encouragement.

All while I have a team, crew, whatever you wanna call it, of my own & we talk, connect, laugh & get people HEALTHY & WEALTHY... together. Everyday. 👣

THIS is a profession. And it's a profession of the new economy.🤙

Remember those questions from earlier? Let me re-fresh:

* How much money will I make?
* What my hours will look like?
* Will I be afforded time to travel?
* Will I be able to move, and still keep this job?
* Is it financially enough to provide for me, my expenses and one day my family's expenses?
* Will I need to commute?
* Will I feel happy in my work environment?
* Will I like my employees, my boss & my company?
* Will I have the support i need to thrive?
* Will I believe in the mission I am working for?
* Will I wake up with a purpose & feel inspired everyday at my job?

Every single bullet point on that list, this job gives me... and MORE. 🙏🏼

Are you health conscious?
Do you want to spread health and wealth across as many lives as you come in contact with? 
Do you want to thrive instead of just live?

If you said yes to any of those three questions above then please, join me on this mission. I will make sure you get there.

My Health: 

If you know me now, you probably have no idea my real story. Well, here it is:

Like I said above, I have always been "sick."

Prone to strep throat, chronic infections throughout HS, I couldn't even have my friggen ears pierced without them throbbing daily. Antibiotics and Z-packs every week. (which really messed with my digestion) My immune function sucked. This led me to figure it out.

I tried every diet. Anti-inflammatory diet, Ketogenic diet, Atkins, Veganism, Ayurvedic, counting Macros. I mean you name it, I tried it. Here was the issue: I DIDN'T DIGEST ANY OF IT. I WAS ALWAYS HUNGRY. I FELT BETTER ON BAGELS. I can't tell you why. 

But I can tell you, you are not what you eat. You are what you DIGEST.

Veganism was something I was insanely passionate about. Less for me, more for the animals. So lets go there:

I was eating plant based vegan. Healthiest diet in the books, right? Wrong. Not for me, at least. I couldn't eat all of that roughage. My body was going to explode from the bloat.

I didn't digest it, I was nauseous, bloated and gassy. I had little bumps all over my forehead. Acne? For me? Never. I had no idea what to do. I started to gain weight and feel so sluggish.

I tried juicing more, it worked, but that became pricey. I went to the doctors, and turns out that I had an elevated thyroid. I needed animal protein and fats. Literally what they told me. "Change your diet."

So I did what they said (reluctantly.) A few months later, we ran my blood again - my thyroid went down!!!

YAY.... but I still felt crappy and lethargic. And knew I wasn't getting the phytonutrients I needed. Was going off vegan really the answer? Not settling for that.

Sure enough, I started getting sick again. Constant doctor visits, constant antibiotics. The cycle continues.

I tried the other diets and while I would feel better in one sense, then another random symptom would show.

My acne would resurface. Or some random eczema, or infection, or digestive upset.

I started trying supplements. But theres 100002324904 on the market. And with isolated supplements, I noticed that I would A) pee half of it out (literally my pee was borderline orange some of the time) or B) I would need something else to counteract and balance the first supplement. I wound up trying shakes and pills galore. Nothing. Worked.

At the end of the day I was in such a rut, and had no energy, I just said screw it. And thats what forced me to swing so far in the other direction which let me to this summer, eating bagels, bacon, coffee and wine. In that order.

JUICE PLUS & THE SHRED SAVED MY HEALTH. That may be a bold statement (no pun-intended) but its true.

I am going on month five of the product and just finished my second shred, and I kid you not when I say, I feel incredible.

Energy is back. NO digestive upsets. No chronic random infections. No eczema. Lost weight..that I wasn't trying to lose (until I saw the side by side pics...) 

I genuinely can tell you that I have never felt this way, ever. NO ANTIBIOTICS IN FIVE MONTHS. EVEN IN THE WINTER SEASON HERE!



SO. What are these Juice Plus+ Caspsules???


- 30 raw, dehydrated, pesticide free fruits & veggies in capsule or gummy form that you take on a daily consistent basis.  These capsules/ gummies are real recognized by the FDA as real F O O D 🍒🍍🍇🍎

If you "get juicing", these should be a no brainer! (click below to read more)

I have even just received blood work back and everything is perfect! THE POWER OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IS UNSTOPPABLE...WHEN YOU CAN DIGEST THEM. 100% bioavailable is so important.

I truly believe in this day and age, not everyone can digest them. With the environmental toxic load, and all of the processed crap, our bodies have taken a beaten. 

I believe that this product can heal everyone in its path.

And I plan to share endlessly until it does.

Watch Ellie, Amy and I tell our stories live below on "Own your life," then watch "What if" (gives me goosebumps everytime) - then email me to put in your order info@ideallivingstudio.com.

As promised, the answers to the FAQs above!

What is the product? 100% scientifically proven bioavailable fruits / vegetables. You will digest every phyto nutrient.

Does it work? Ellie hasn't been on antibiotics in 14 years since starting Juice Plus, her sister has come off of her ADD meds and she has come off her allergy meds. Claudine, despite being diagnosed with lupus, was able to run marathons after using Juice Plus+ to ease her symptoms. (video below)

Is this a scam? Ellie, after 10 years of being on the product, decided to join as a rep only a few years ago. Just by sharing her story & helping others share, she was able to travel for 7 months this year..working completely from her phone & enjoy full health benefits from the company.

Is this a Pyramid Scheme? PSA: Pyramid schemes are illegal. I highly doubt that the company would be able to "fly under the radar" for 20+ years if they were doing something illegal. Their business plan is unlike any other in the Industry. I always think its funny now when people say that. What is a pyramid scheme? Have you ever looked at the way a corporation is structured? The CEO at the top, maybe some middle men, and then us, the employees. We never make it to the top top, unless the CEO resigns or sells. That looks like a pyramid to me. With Network marketing, everyone can make it to the top. Ellie made it clear that, there is no limit. I can hustle hard and find myself at an even higher position and NMD one day. I can go for gold and I can surpass my up-line. Picture an upside down pyramid. We all start from the point at the bottom, but there can be thousands of people to reach the top sharing and helping others share. The sky is the limit with Juice Plus, and I loved that. 

Am I ripping people off? Am I ripping myself off? This is huge. I always promised myself I wouldn't share something I didn't love and believe in. As you read above, I BELIEVE! This is no random isolated supplement that isn't worth the money. For $2.50 a day, I think it is priced incredibly. Price is one of the perks of the product. $2.50 / day for the best quality whole food fruits / veggies on the planet? YES PLEASE.

This product has not only saved me, but so many others.. Anyone can tell a story right? What about clinical research? Publish Journals? These universities and studies don't lie. Check them out below. 

PS. Find more on products & pricing on the "services" section of this website!


Click below to find my journey in action!




A little more "About me"...

Along with the ocean and mother nature, I had always had a love for holistic healing, energy and exercise. In 2012, I went through intensive training to become a certified Pilates instructor via Power Pilates, NYC. In 2013, I attended the largest holistic nutrition school in the country, Institute for Integrative nutrition, where I was taught over hundreds of dietary theories and life methods. With my Health Coaching degree and Pilates certification I began taking on clients personally and globally via e-mail. During this time is when I came across yoga. With Shirshasana (headstands) being what sparked my yoga love affair, I decided to give the entire sequence a try. It was love as first asana. I began to dive deep into spirituality through yoga, which only enhanced my practice and daily life... 

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One year later, I decided to follow my passions on another healing journey to Bali, Indonesia to become a certified yoga instructor. During this course, I was taught the true foundation of yoga that extends beyond the physical practice. I developed an understanding of the mind-body connection, meditation and enlightenment - a learning journey that made the trip a life-changing experience. After completing my 200 hour YTT in Bali, I returned back to my home in Hawaii.

I wanted more. I began planning retreats globally, and before I knew it, I was off teaching Retreats through Colombia, Sicily, Mykonos etc.. I returned to my home in Montauk, NY July of 2016 to open my very own studio out of my family's motel - The Daunts Albatross. I currently work, teach and reside on premises.

I have now added yoga to my healing practice. I teach all classes from static yin, to hatha, to vastu, to fast paced vinyasa flows. I specialize in private lessons by creating personal sequences for individuals. I have always held bio-individuality - the concept that every person is uniquely different - above all. I personalize my 1:1 health coaching, pilates lessons and yoga lessons to fit the individual at hand. 

Follow my personal journey at @laceydaunt below!



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