Everyday we come in contact with things that scare us. Maybe we hide behind the facade "I'm too broke," "I'm too tired," "I have work," "I don't know how," "that's too far," "no one taught me to do this," "I'll get hurt," "what if this happens," the list goes on. But in reality for many of these circumstances, it's fear hiding behind those excuses. 

I don't know when this changed for me, but one day I realized that I'll never learn how to do something if I don't just go out and teach myself. Why wait around? Why think that someone else is going to do the work for me? I was never taught to free dive, I was never taught to brave the massive shore break in HI, I was never taught to surf, I was never taught to hike or climb, I was never taught how to run my own business. Growing up I had an insane fear of heights. I'm talking panic attacks while just being up 10 feet. The anxiety was so real. Growing up I was also a terrible writer (math and science were my stronger subjects) and I was never taught to blog or market myself or my business. 

I woke up one day and realized that I needed to teach myself these things. I needed to face my fears before I lived a life of "oh that looks fun, but I could never do it." So I swam out into the open ocean, I braved the waves in Hawaii, I found the endurance to hike all day. I walked out on every ledge and looked down at the ground thousands of feet below me. I even jumped out of a plane...Three times.

I began writing authentically whatever was on my mind in that moment, and you know what happened through all of this? I learned. I learned how to do these things. Am I an incredible free diver or surfer? Absolutely not, but I'm learning more with each time I get out there. Am I great at writing or marketing? I could be better. Have I failed or gotten hurt during any of these tasks? Absolutely. The reef and I are great friends. Does this stop me? Nope. Am I still here? Yup. 

What is worse? Starting a business and failing or failing at starting a business at all? Getting on a board and falling or failing to ever get on that board? Letting fear dictate your life or living the life YOU dream of?

If you look at science, our biggest regrets in life are not our actions, but our inactions. So go out there and get it. Whatever you want. The world is yours. And if you fail, you fail. Guess what? You can always get back up. You can always try again. Be grateful for that.

So often people are afraid of trying because their afraid of what others will say if they fail. Think of the worst thing someone could say about you or to you. Right now. Got it? K....

...Did you die? No?! You're still here. Great. We can continue.

Now you have no excuse. If they judge, let them judge. Other people's words and thoughts can only affect us as much as we let them. And I don't know about you, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to live this life that I refuse to live in fear of what others say or think. I also refuse to live in fear of failure. So excuse me while I go chase my dreams..

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

All of my love,



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