We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise forgotten

This post is long overdue, and while it is an abundant of information on my recommendations and "must see" beaches, that is all it is. This post does not even include any of the hikes or other attractions I was fortunate enough to see on the way. So for now, enjoy the list and photos of the beautiful beaches (and a few hostels/locations), but stay tuned for more travel bug blogs!

- Lacey

Haunama Bay

Haunama Bay

Being that I spent two years on this incredible island, lets begin here: Oahu, Hawaii 

Lanikai: In Kailua (East Side) of Oahu lies the infamous, Lanikai beach. Google it. White sand with two beautiful islands in the distance. People often paddle or take a speed boat over to those islands also known as the "moks."



Makapu'u : A beach located in a little cove on the east side of the island. Absolutely gorgeous scenery, and an incredible drive to get there.



Sandys: Before you hit Makapuu there will be another beach on your right, called "Sandys." Or aka "Break neck beach." This beach is for experienced body surfers, as the shore break is one of the most dangerous in the world. Still incredible!


Kahala: Kahala is more of a local spot, but definitely one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. There are entrances all along Kahala road which is located on the East Side.


Diamond Head: Surfers beach, if you surf, this is a great spot for long boarders and short boarders! Located right before Kahala, also on the East Side.


Electric Beach: If you love to free-dive, this is the beach for you. Located on the West Side of Oahu, its a short drive from town and not too far out you will see tons of fish, turtles and if you're lucky, maybe even sharks or dolphins.


Waimea Bay, Pipeline, Laie Point: These beaches line the North shore. Beginning from town, if you head north on the H1, you will hit Waimea first, then pipe, then north east, Laie Point. Feel free to jump off the cliff here if you're feeling daring.


Lets Skip to Maui real fast


Black Sand Beach: On the road to Hana, there's a turn for Wai'anapanapa State Park where you will find a beautiful Black sand beach. Check it out! 


Red Sand Beach: All the way at the end of the road to Hana lies a beautiful pristine red sand beach. Its worth the drive.



Hawaii, aka Big Island: Makalawena Beach, worth the walk. Find a local to take you to this paradise of a beach!


Kauai, Hawaii: Polihale - a huge white sand beach on the western tip of Kauai. Worth the trek. Hanalei bay on north shore is also an infamous gorgeous beach!


Let's move on to some more beautiful places around the world:


Turks and Caicos: Grace bay, Providenciales. Let me just say the sand there is whiter than white and the water bluer than blue. Paradise in a location.



Bahamas: Don't need to say much here, if you are looking for white sand and clear water, the Caribbean is a must. 



Santa Marta, Colombia: This little beach town has the largest beaches with the best vibes. The people, the places and the energy are some of the best I've seen. Check out Gitana Del Mar beach resort for some of the best homemade cuisine and bungalows I've ever stayed in. (And if you get a chance, hike up to Minca, its worth every sketchy moped ride.)


Sicily, Italy: Drive up and down the coast and hit different beaches along the way. One of my favorites was San Lorenzo (Marzamemi). Clear water, white sand. Check out Floripa Surf and Yoga house for a stay you will never forget. 


Malta: Golden bay, a beach on the northwestern tip of Malta, an island off the coast of Sicily is worth the hike. Ps. Try and find the hidden tide-pools. Worth every second walking in the heat.

Rincon, Puerto Rico: Villa Cofresi - Paradise is morning or evening walks with a cold pirata in your hand on the beach at this resort! I was lucky enough to have my flight home cancelled back when there was a huge storm in NY one year. I was forced to stay here an additional week. Me and Villa Cofresi got real close that week.

Mykonos, Greece: PLEASE go see my family at Villa Konstantin, a short walk from the incredible blue and white town of Mykonos. Any beach on this island will take you to paradise. The Mediterranean is stunning.

Spain: Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, and Malvarrosa beach in Valencia both are insane huge white sand beaches. Don't be surprised if people are topless, its normal there. Malaga (Southern Spain) also has my heart. Please stop in and say hi to my friends at Casa Babylon!! A beautiful family oriented hostel in Malaga.

Devon, UK: Enjoy a UK tradition and grab some fish and chips on at Lyme Regis, a beach on the southern tip of Devon (countryside) (Special thanks to Katie and Jenna for hosting me on my stay in the UK!)


Indonesia: Padang Padang + Uluwatu beaches on the southern tip of Bali are a surfers paradise! Also be sure to check out Nusa Lembongan, an island off the tip of Bali. This island is famous for free-diving with Manta Rays. One of the best experiences of my life!


California: Santa Cruz; a fun and mellow beach town on the coast of California. While you're there make sure to check out Big Sur, the Redwoods + Yosemite. I know this post is about beaches, but you won't be disappointed by taking a few days to roam the mountains + forest. 

Virgin Islands: St. Thomas + St. John: "On an island in the sun." I spent time floating on a raft in the middle of the ocean on both of these islands. Highly recommend.


Wilmington, NC: Wrightsville beach just east of Wilmington is a beautiful mellow white sand beach on the coast of North Carolina. Worth the visit if you're in the area!


Florida: Boca Raton + Ginnie Springs; I had the opportunity to visit both of these locations in the last year; Ginnie Springs is North of Gainseville, and while it isn't a beach town like Boca, it does hold a fantastic cold water springs that is famous for is crystal clear water!


Montauk, NY: And of course, last but most definitely not least, the place I was born and raised and the place that stemmed my irresistible love for the ocean; Montauk. The beaches here are beaches that people travel all over the world to see. Montauk is a small fishing village on the eastern most tip of long island, right passed the infamous "East Hampton." These beaches are long, sandy and almost always have a fun shore break. Come visit me at my family motel; the Daunt's Albatross, where I just opened my very own Yoga Studio; Ideal Living Studio. Yoga + the ocean, what more can you ask for?

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