Hello everyone! Lacey and Steven here.

founder and co-founder of the Free Life Movement.

we are so thrilled you made it.

and we truly believe that if you did stumble upon this, it wasn’t by accident. The number one thing we hear on our 1:1 coaching calls with our applicants is that they have been seeing SO many signs since coming across our platform and they can’t help but believe that this is where they are supposed to be.

so yes, you were meant to land here. this the sign you were looking for.


I challenge you to close your eyes and think…

What if….

Life is all about our mindset. And within the Free Life Movement, we teach the value in shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance. And for us, it has made all the difference.

For example:

Scarcity mentality = I can’t afford that. It’s too expensive. I can’t do that. I am not “x” enough." I’d rather stay where I am at because it is more comfortable here.

Abundance mentality = How can I not afford that? What would my life look like if I continue going down this road with no investment towards my dreams and goals? How can I evolve? How can I offer more value? I can do anything I set my mind to.

so..let us ask you..instead of what would happen if you failed…lets start shifting your paradigm to What would happen if you said yes?

What if…

it was you traveling the world without worrying about when your next check was coming?

What if…

you were able to give your family a $10,000 check as a christmas present?

What if…

it was you getting that text from a friend, thanking you for helping put their autoimmune disease into remission with your advice?

What if…

it was you who changed the picture of a complete strangers future just by offering them an opportunity?

What if…

we have been in this situation and we can tell you…it feels incredible from this side.

and our goal is to help others find this freedom as well.


Lacey & steven

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what we have found health wise - freedom from:

IBS & leaky gut


Brain Fog



Chronic Infections



what we have found business wise..

Multiple 6 figure incomes (300k in commissions in our first 5 months)

$1,000,000 in sales

Flexible schedule (we work whenever we want, from wherever we want)

More time (with the automated system in place, we are able to spend our days how we want, and truly only work part time)

No Boss - completely working for ourselves

Massive room for growth and life-long income streams

Paying it forward - doing work that is meaningful & life changing for others

IF you are just like us, and interested in healing yourself, while helping heal others and their families, Please join our team. 

IF you are ready to leave the corporate life for a more fulfilling journey, Please join our team.

IF you are READY to stop worrying about your finances, or when you will have time for family & friends, Please join our team.

IF you are ready to work for yourself, create your own schedule, live your LIFE to the fullest, and make some amazing friends along the way, Please join our team.

IF you are ready to stop stressing money, and build a side gig to help pay for the life of your dreams, Please join my team. 

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