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my story.


I am honored you want to learn more about me. But I won’t share it all here. For that, you’ll have to wait for some sort of published book. Or just ask me, in real time. There is just too much. But here’s the short: For one, I love to meet more fellow coaches. I’ve had my coaching certification for about 6 years. I have a unique story. I grew up sick. I stopped breathing in my sleep when I was 4. They had to take out my first line of defense against germs, my tonsils and adenoids (yup, they’re part of your immune system, fam). Then it was strep, sinus infections, utis, kidney infections, impetigo, you name it and i had it. No joke. I started craving veggies early, because something in me told me that if I didn’t eat that way, I would be screwed. Yet, when I graduated high school, I went to school for fashion. And what do you know, I hated it. I failed my textiles class and actually aced my nutrition elective. I began to think that maybe I should reconsider my major, lol. I wound up dropping out and coming home (the first of three college drop out stories of mine). I took a nutrition course at home which I loved, from a lady who did IIN herself. Then I worked under a holistic doctor & QRA practitioner. I loved it. I loved learning about the body and what worked for people. I enrolled in IIN immediately. I loved that even more. I learned so much. So many dietary theories, so many lectures, so many new friends. But, as any 20 year old, I wanted to still see the world and get out of my home town. AKA not settle and definitely not start building a crazy hard “career.” I picked up and moved all of my belongings across the world. I even shipped my car. Hawaii. I was living the life. I was health coaching people, surfing, working retail and going to school (again). Then I realized that I had a lot more growth that needed to take place. Thanks to IIN I learned of “primary food.” Primary food is the idea that what’s even more important than the food we consume, is the relationships we have. The thoughts we think. The reactions. The conditioning. The spirituality. I started diving deep into myself. I took myself across the world again, to Indonesia this time, to get certified to teach yoga. A practice I had grown to love. Then I traveled the world teaching yoga retreats. Something hit me. Again. I felt i wasn’t helping people on as large of a scale as i could. My purpose and passion were slowly diminishing. I came home to open a yoga studio and settle for a fun and easy office job. I was getting more and more tired and more and more sick. It turns out, I really needed to lead a passionate life to be happy. I asked the universe and myself to be open to an opportunity that would make all my dreams a reality. I quit my office job, and took time from my studio. One week later, I was introduced to the beautiful world of network marketing. I partnered with a company who I could fully align with. I went on to work my butt off. I wound up breaking two world records in being the fastest and youngest person to hit the top tier. I bought myself a car. Went on a ton of trips. Lived that free life. I figured that this was my more. Yet, I somehow still felt defeated. I realized that I was alone up there. My team and the people that helped me get there were not financially free. They didn’t have time freedom. I wanted them to join me at the top. I decided to leave network marketing and pursue a venture in truly helping others hit financial freedom just as I had. I found a company to align with, that was not network marketing, but similar. They were sharing a product that was cutting edge. On the verge of changing the health picture of the world. And with this, I was able to create a step by step process in order to help others not only create financial freedom, but put in way less work than traditional network marketing, yet reap rewards within 6-12 months. 6 figures years. 5 figure months. True healing from the inside out. For the everyday average joe. That’s not even the half of it, but I told you its been a wild ride. And..I am always looking for coaches or leaders to join our mission. I am looking for professionals, entrepreneurs, health nuts and anyone who wants to lead a courageous, purposeful and meaningful life helping others. Join me.

follow my personal journey below.


institute for integrative nutrition.


IIN taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful entrepreneur. They emphasized joining a company that we aligned with post completion (which I wish I had done sooner). This school was what gave me the confidence, knowledge and power to start coaching right away. Not only did this school teach me all about holistic healing, coaching others and alternative medicine, but it also taught me how to be a business owner. I learned about thousands of dietary theories, countless research studies, and listened in on webinars with some of the highest medical professionals - both eastern and western.

I went through IIN at a hugely transformational point in my life, which truly helped me get to where I am today. It was the catalyst for so many amazing changes. The business modules were exceptionally helpful & IIN allowed us to begin coaching as early as 6 months into the program. For someone like me who knew so little about websites and social media, I felt that they truly provided me with everything I needed to know to be successful. Upon completion of my program, I was able to generate an income for myself working 1:1 with clients. I worked with anyone and everyone. Ranging from moms, dads, teens, to college students & more. Most people I worked with remotely through zoom, email, or phone consultations.

I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for more passion or purpose in their lives. As well as the fellow health nuts or people out there going through a transformative time.

become an IIN health coach with discounted tuition.